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The MIBG treatment did not work. We were told in Feb 03 that the only treatment left is more streptozocin chemo, and my husband declined. He is tired of being a lab rat. The dr. was relieved. He said he feared that giving Kevin chemo would violate the dr.'s oath to do no harm.

My husband is about 5'11' and down to 141 lbs. The cancer in his liver has not spread anywhere else, and his pancreas is still clean. His liver is hugely swollen from the cancer. He looks pregnant. Meanwhile, the rest of him looks like a concentration camp survivor. We were told in early Feb. he has a year-two years to live, but upon further discussion with the dr. it appears that he feels one year is most likely. I have to say, as much as I love my husband, my husband and I both are thankful. We don't know how either of us could bear watching his decline over two years. We are told some patients go downhill quickly and die in a matter of weeks, others go downhill achingly slowly over months and months. We hope for the former, not the latter.

My husband drags himself to work about four hours a day and is only awake for that and meals. I literally seem him awake an hour in the a.m. at breakfast and at dinner.

I suppose this will be my last post about my husband. I sure with this had a happier ending.

Posted 05/10/2003 09:16 pm by LEA
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