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My father James C. Haugland, 69 years old was told he has pc in Sept. of 2002. This was such an awful day, my dad calling me and crying telling me he has cancer. I lost my mom (not to pc) 6 years ago and to this day I miss her so much, so my dads news was really bad. Dad started treatment, gemzar along with the trial Virulizin in Oct. 2002, he has since gained (this is 4/16/03) all his weight back, traveling again and just looks wonderful. He had been having pain in his stomach and back for about one year before the dr. finally said lets check for pc. He had his gallbladder out, was told he got an infection (reason for still having pain)was told he had a cracked vertabrae and to give it 6-12 weeks to heal, dad was still in pain after being told these and many more things were the reasons for his pain. FINALLY, he gets a scan done and the dr. called dad at home to say he has pc, and he needs to start chemo. pronto, which is enough to scare anyone, no biopsy, nothing. Dad finally saw a onc. and had a biopsy, yes it is pc, no mets. etc..........Now 7 months later my dad is still with us (thank god)he celebrated his 69th birthday in February, and I hope he will be here for many, many more years to celebrate with us. I love my dad and don't want to lose him too. He is the most thoughtful, caring person around. He would help out anyone that needed it. Dad has had his own business for 35 years, now his children do what he always did (along with the other employees). His mother (my grandma) lived to be 105 years old (she passed away 3 years ago) so we know dad has it in his genes to grow really, really old........and we hope he does!!!! Please god, let us find a cure for this awful cancer!!!!

Posted 04/16/2003 11:11 pm by Robin B. (mendad)
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