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My mother, Betty, age 72 was diagnosed in late August with a tumor in her pancreas the size of a large grape. She and her doctors thought she was having a galbladder attack and began tests. She had to visit the emergency room prior to her diagnosis because of severe back pain. Her doctors acted quickly and discovered the tumor. Surgery was scheduled 10/8/2002. Her entire pancreas as well as 1/3 of her stomach was removed. Vascular surgeons worked on her portal vein. After approx 6 hours in surgery she went to ICU. She was in the hospital for short of two weeks and doing well. Path reports came back better than expected. My mother recieved (and is recieving) excellent care from the doctors at the Stelin Clinic, Houston, Texas. God bless them and their care giving and total commitment to her and the family. After two days at home she was readmitted because of vomitting. She could not keep food down. She remained on a feeding tube for three weeks longer until she could keep food down. She was released from the hospital one week following her return. She is getting better every day and battles with wanting to get better QUICKER! She asks the Doctors where her zip is! She is determined and pushes herself. She will begin radiation treatment after the new year begins for three weeks. My father has been wonderful and a great caregiver. They have been married 52 years this Christmas Day. She's getting bossy (he says) so we know she is improving. I am the oldest and live close by. My younger brother calls daily and is here for visits (3 1/2 hours away) every week or two. She has 4 beautiful grandsons and 1 beautiful granddaughter, who is alot like her grandmother. We spent Thanksgiving all together- all very thankful! She went to a luncheon with her friends last week to celebrate the holidays and yesterday she made her much loved peanut brittle. We feel positive and hopeful as does she...after all she has alot to live for! Pray for her and all of us who love her dearly.

Posted 12/18/2002 05:56 pm by Bettiann
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