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My father became ill once again in Jan. 2001 when his stent plugged up again. When she took him to the hospital, my mother was told (by a Dr. filling in for his regular Dr.) that she should 'Just let him go.' She wasn't convinced as he had been doing very well just a few weeks before. She insisted that they drain his stomach with a G-tube until she spoke to his regular Dr. When they saw him, he suggested they meet with the surgeon. They decided to perform an intestinal bypass. Although the recovery was a bit tough as it is major surgery, we wish we had been given this option in the beginning. My dad recovered from the surgery and felt healthier over the next few months than he had since his diagnosis. He was even able to take a snowmobiling trip to the mountains with his friends and son....something he would not have had the energy for prior to the bypass. He felt pretty good and stayed fairly active right up until the day before he had a stroke in April 2001. He had a stroke at home and after we got him to the hospital, he lived another 4 days becoming increasingly unresponsive. I am very grateful to the surgeon who performed the bypass operation as that enabled him to actually live a bit in his last few months. He was a wonderful father and I miss him every day.

Posted 12/02/2002 12:05 am by Lisa
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