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My father Jesus was diagnosed w/PC on Dec 11,2001 at the age of 81. My father was always a strong and active man. He was always doing things around the house (cutting the grass, shoveling the snow)nothing would stop him We always thought he would die of a heart attack because he was too active. We had a great thanksgiving that year at my parents house. We had a great laugh when my sister in law cooked the turkey upside down, and we couldn't figure out where all the white meat was. Two weeks after that is when my father started to feel his pains in the abdomen (I quickly thoughtcould it have been the turkey). He made me laugh becuase this is when out in the East Coast we were having the 'Anthrax Scare', and he said maybe he had been in contact w/ Anthrax. ( I still smile when I think of that) Well he wouldn't go to the DR's until he started to double over w/ pain and he became Jundice (very yellow). They rushed hin over to ER. The DR's told us (the family) first. My father has always been terrified of Cancer and wouldn't even say the word. He said to me ' as long as they don't tell me it's cancer I'll be ok) Well you can imagine how I felt, because I already knew. I was 7 months pregant at the time. and I did a ot of crying. Dec 11 was when they told him and at this point they couldn't operate, we just decided to do the 6 weeks of radiation, we were desperate. They told us he had 6 months to a year. He passed away on Fathers Day June 16 2002. Under Hospice care and surrounded by all his family. I miss him (I love You Daddy ).. It was just like my father to go out w/ a bang passing away on fathers day.. He also got to see my son...I still can't believe it....

Posted 11/10/2002 04:08 pm by Karen
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