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My wife, Lais, was DXed with PC in Nov. 2001 after one year of digestive related problems that were never fully DXed. She underwent a partial bypass operation in Nov. when it was determined that Whipple was not an option. She has since undergone 12 chemo treatments (Gemzar with Cisplatin), a phase 1 trial (Gemzar and UCN-01) and most recently a vaccine trial. The latest trial has been ineffective for her and we are now (Oct. 27th, 2002) considering other options. Lais has mets to the liver but no other visible tumors at present and the Drs. simply state that she has a slow growing PC which is somewhat surprising to them. We are presently considering an Ablation for the liver tumor and radiation with a Chemo pill for the pancreatic tumor. This three to four week treatment would be followed by Chemo. An option is to reverse the process and do Chemo first to treat the entire body than once the CA 19-9 is down consider the Ablation and rediation. her Ca 19-9 was 1400 when DXed in Nov. 2001 and has been as low as 246 but was up to 627 when Lais started the vaccine. It jumped to 4543 at the beginning of Oct.

Lais is Brazilian and we have lived in the Houston area since 1989. She lost weight from her normal 112 lb to 99 lb post DX but regained that weight and actually reached 121 lb until June this year when she started losing weight again. Her weight has now stabilized at 111 lb but she is not eating well.

Lais is 54 and prior to being DXed was very active in tennis and general fitness, cycling, walking, gym. We traveled considerably and have children and gradchildren in Brazil and Sweden. Our youngest son lives in the Houston area and works for an Engineering firm.

Posted 10/27/2002 11:27 am by Lee
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