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My Father-in-law was diagnosed with Pancreas Cancer from the head, with mets to the liver (three). He was diagnosed on September 26, 2002, but had a confirmation the following day on September 27, 2002. He is 83 years of age, and will celebrate his 51st wedding annaversary this Febrary, and he so badly wants to be here for it.

Since his had already spread, it was unoperable. Also chemo was not an option, becasue of some reason, I yet to understand. He has received a stint for his jaundice, although at this time, it has yet to be effective. His liver is so badly damaged by the 3 large tumors, it is now breaking apart, and is also draining his blood supply from his liver. Becasue of this further complication, he has been in need of many units of blood, which he still recieves an average of 2 units every 3rd day.

He has been in and out of the hospital many times just in the last two weeks since his diagnosis, and now has a prognosis of only a week. I pray that he can beat that, many times over!

His caregivers are his wife, and also hospice.

He was not in perfect health before his diagnosis, as the previous 2 maybe 3 months he had been in and out of the hospital several times, due to 'bleeding'. This was due, the doctors said, because of a vessel on/near his prostrate that had 'broke', and was causing bleeding. He had been bleeding from his urinary tract. On the very first hospital stay over this 'problem', my FIL told the doctor.... 'HEY, I have a tumor of something growing in my belly area'. With a simple x-ray, they denounced this claim, and went on to continue working on his bleeing from his urinary tract. Saddly, it turns out, my FIL was correct.

When he became extremely jaundiced and couldn't eat anymore... he went BACK to the doctors and that is when they found and diagnoised the tumors. They said that the tumors had been growing for about 5 or 6 years. True/False... I have no clue.

My FIL has had several complications, including 3 tries to get a stint in and to stay. However, with it not working yet... there may still be some blockage.

My FIL was going to go see another doctor, for a second opinion on his case, but has not even had the time to be able to make a call to get that done, since he is constantly been in and out of the hospital. Just recently, 3 surgeries in 3 days for his stint.

Although he knows a prognosis of about 3 months, he has not given up hope just yet... he is determined to fight this thing and not let it win. He is a frail man of under 100 pounds now, where he used to be about 160.

My prayers are with him, as well as each of you fighting this evil monster. Hugs to all!


Posted 10/12/2002 02:44 am by Bob
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