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Age 50(on 9/22).Male. Dx 8/02/2002. Stent placement in bile duct. Chemo 1/week, radiation 5/week for 6 weeks. Whipple next if all goes well. Tolerating treatment pretty well. 1st couple radiations were rough, but they have gotten much better. Jeff's stent got infected after about a month and a half and had to be replaced yesterday. The infection and fever have made him unable to receive his last 2 chemo treatments. They are starting again Monday. It took 6 months for the PC diagnosis and in that time Jeff went from 225 lbs down to about 150. He was also in severe pain much of that time due to fear of either getting addicted to pain medication and also to running out. Now that he is diagnosed, we are no longer concerned about that and the pain is moved down on the list of major concerns. His biggest problems so far have been extremely bad constipation, weakness and lack of appetite, although he has been eating better the last couple of weeks. he has also been experiencing fairly frequent panic attacks which the Drs are controlling with Klonipin. Unfortunately the large doses of pain medication are starting to cause a pretty drastic change in his personality. I am truly grateful that he is rarely experiencing the horrible pain that he had to live with for so many months, but it is scary to see the changes it is putting him through. He is very worried about the surgery. Much more so than about the chemo/radiation. As soon as we know exactly what they are planning, surgery-wise, I will be looking for advice and other peoples experiences, both from the patients side and the caregivers. Good luck to everyone. Marya Schrier

Posted 09/13/2002 03:49 pm by marya
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