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This is about my only sibling and even though he was a little younger than myself, I considered him my big brother and my friend. My brother John was 42 when he died on Feb. 15, 2002 and was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer on November 27, 2001. He had a physical in April of 2001 and received a clean bill of health from his doctor, in fact, he received a card from his doctor which stated 'all findings normal' when in fact his liver enzymes were elevated and even circled on the lab report but his wife and my parents were not aware of this until he was diagnosed in November of 2001. My brother was not a drinker, smoker and we have no idea where this came from as there is no history of cancer in my family. He leaves behind 3 young boys, Chris-14, Danny-12 and Matthew-7 and his wife Kathy. The reason I want this story out here is because I've been doing more reading on the subject and have read stories of hope and inspiration that Pancreatic Cancer does not have to be a death sentence. Until these stories I believed it to be but there is hope and I just wish my brother could have been diagnosed in April and perhaps he possibly could have been the 1% that survive this diseast for a few years. So if anyone you know is diagnosed witht his awful disease, get the best care and find an agressive doctor. I can't bring my brother back but I need to find some justice to his death and to not let it go in vain .....I think he could have had a better chance. We love you John and will always miss you!

Posted 08/19/2002 08:10 pm by Marietta
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