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My step-dad, Jerry, will be 60 in December. He was diagnosed with pc in march of this year. The cancer had spread to his liver and lymph nodes and they could only tell him at the time that he had 3 months to 5 years to live. He was very sick for the first month after diagnosis. He started chemo and gemzar the first week of April. After 7 weeks on it they just did another CT scan. The doctor seemed pleased that the tumor had only grown 11%. I didn't fully understand how that was good news. Come to find out, the doctor had only given him 2 to 6 weeks to live when originally diagnosed, but he did not tell us that. Noe I wonder how much time do we really have? I don't know all the medical terms of exactly what he is taking or the procedures that he has had. I know surgery was not an option, and he has been on major pain medicine. My mom is a wreck. There are 5 of us kids, and 10 grandchildren. I don't know what our live's would be like without him. He has been with my mom since I was around the age of 2. I love him so much and hate to see him in pain. He is one of the strongest people I know and it just tears me up inside not knowing the answers or how much time he has. I just keep saying my prayers and hoping that after the next 6 weeks of chemo, the tumor will not have grown at all. The doctor seemed very happy with his progress and that he looks good and is in good spirits. I guess I need to be happy with that. I know that what the doctor said was good news, I just don't understand. Thanks for listening, and my prayers go out to all of you who want the answers I do for more understanding.

Posted 05/18/2002 09:57 am by Tracy
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