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I am the youngest son of Bienvenido Cube, who succumbed to pancreatic cancer on November 17, 2001. Dad didn't go to doctors very often at all unless there was some obvious health problem, and pancreatic cancer is so devastating because by the time symptoms become obvious it's likely to be too late. He was diagnosed four weeks prior to his death. It is definitely true when they say that pancreatic cancer strikes so quickly that family members are left to struggle with emotions they were not prepared for. When diagnosed we were told he would have about 8 weeks, and to cut that shocking time in half did not help our family in coping with the news. My dad hated tattoos, but I decided to get my second (and final) tattoo of two eagles with a family shield bearing his initials. He was around to see it, but must have been in too much pain to truly notice his initials.

I share this story and my photos as part of a healing process which has not been fully realized for me. My mother died from breast cancer when I was 10, and dad died when I was 24. At times I feel absolutely dejected, and so do my brothers and sisters. When reading these stories I wholeheartedly feel sympathy for all of those victimized by this dreadful illness; to all those family members left to watch, I implore you to spend as much time with that loved one as you can. You simply cannot tell them enough times that you love them.

Posted 04/03/2002 11:19 am by Regino Cube
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