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Larry, Ken, and Andy Joseph

Update on Larry and his family. May 22, 2002
My father Larry passed away gently at MD Anderson on April 26, 2002. He died as he lived, making the most out of every moment, having survived 16 months after being diagnosed with mets to liver. Dad was fishing and playing tennis every day on a trip to Florida visiting his brothers. In the space of 3 days he was in immense pain, and we medivac-ed him to Houston. CT revealed complete involvement of the spine, which accounted for his pain. He passed five days later with his family surrounding him. His memorial service, held at our home, was nothing short of perfect. We miss Dad terribly, but feel grateful for the time we had with him, and that once again, he did it 'his way.' The best of luck and fortune to every one on this board. Thank you so much for your support, wisdom, and the amazing resource of putting one's own situation in a broad perspective. Onward.

With Love, Courage and Determination,

Ken Joseph
My Father Larry (59) was diagnosed 1/01 with mets to liver. To Date he has received Gemzar, Gemzar + Cisplatin, Docytaxol + cpt11, and now in March of 2002, Xeloda.

Dad grew up in Chicago but our family's spiritual home is in Northern Wisconsin. He attended the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. He met my mother, Gail after a water ski show where he was one of the first barefoot skiers in Wisconsin. They were married upon Dad's graduation. They immediately left for a Peace Corp tour in Turkey. I was conceived on the way home. My sister soon followed, and our brother came a few years later. After working very hard for 15 years, and seeing his children become too suburbanized, our family pulled up stakes, jumped in a 1978 Ford Van, and drove through Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize for a year. We ended up in Santa Fe, enchanted by the light, the culture, the mountains, and cobalt blue skies. We've been here ever since. Dad took up painting, and is now hung in the Mayans Gallery on the famous Canyon Road. After returning from college (also Penn), Dad taught me the ropes and I am now in business with my brother. Dad's spent much of the last 10 years travelling with his current wife, Babette. They have a 1978 Puegot in Europe (Greece now I think), and a 1982 Landcruncher in Peru. Every 6 months they'd pick one of the cars up and drive for 6 weeks, immersing themselves in culture, scenery and painting.

Dad's life is characterized by a passion for living, giving deeply of himself to friends and family, and a strong emphasis on volunteering his time to worthy causes inspired by being one of 'Kennedy's Kids' in the Peace Corps.

This disease caught us totally by surprise, just at the time when we were looking forward to many many years of playing with his 5 -1/2 (one's in the oven) grandchildren. Feel free to visit his website and send him a note of support at

Posted 03/14/2002 11:54 am by KEN J
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