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Hi, my name is Amanda and I am 23, I am also a mother of two, I take care of my grandmother, who took care of me alot when I was little. I am her first born grandchild. She has 8 kids, two of whom she has realtions with, however don't have the cabibility to care for her, two whom she has never really had realtions with, one who she never talks to, and my mother who can barely care for herself. Anyways I orginally started to just taken her shopping, for groceries etc, she has never had a liscence. So when she asked me to help her out I didnt think twice about 6 months into helping her, not even, she went into the hospital had to get 7 pints of blood, she had pulps and basically bled to death, she has never tooken care of her body as far as check ups and stuff. well after that scare it led us to the gynocologist who put her on estrogen, so that would of made it I think around Nov. In Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, we went to the er numerous times Im talking her calling me at midhight she was having pain her back, couldn't sleeep, could'nt eat, etc. They sent her home with kidny stones, bladder infection, gall stones, you name it.Well finally in April they decided to do a upper GI to actually look at her gall stones. And that's when they noticed her pc was swollen. And that she was in her third stage. Took me by surprise. Being she is my grandma, I honestly thought she would,nt get treatment. However she is and doing ok. Im soo thankful I found this website, The stories on here are soo real words can not express, sometimes I feel like I losing my mind. But I'll be ok. good luck to all Amanda

Posted 03/09/2002 09:55 pm by Amanda
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