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Photo of Belle My darlin' Belle would have been 52 years old on March 25. She succumbed to the beast on January 7, 2002 at 2:55 in the morning. Our struggle began in early June,2000 when she told me her hairstylist had told her that her scalp was yellow. The next day, her doctor had her in the hospital for tests that showed jaundice, diabetes, etc. Ultra sounds, ERCPs, CAT scans followed showing 'mass' in the head of her pancreas. I brought her to Sloan-Kettering in Manhattan for consultation, after which a laparoscopy showed the tumor had vein involvement, ruling out surgery. This began the Gemcetibine chemo, then radiation, then 5FU, then Irenotecan/Cisplatin- all to no avail. I watched her lose 95 lbs but struggle to keep her lifestyle normal- going to work every day, her favorite trips to Atlantic City, Myrtle Beach vacations, etc. She tried to cope as best she could until she collapsed at work one day in October, 2001. From that point on, she became bedridden very quickly but made up her mind to see Christmas with our family, especially the grandchildren, despite the fact that the doctor had told me she had only weeks at best. Her force of will let her see Christmas, New Years, and even the Epithany, after which she called me in the middle of the night , hugged me and went to sleep in my arms. This was her final gift to me , allowing me to be with her when she moved on. This transition was easier by us as we agreed that, as soulmates, we had been together before and would be again in the future.

Posted 01/15/2002 06:03 am by bud
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