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My name is Tracy Fitzgerald and I was diagnosed in January with pc with mets to the liver. I started chemo right away. My treatment was called the GFlip, gemzar,5fu,lukavorine,, iranotcan and cisplatium. I had to go in every two weeks for treatment. I was feeling very weak, lost alot of weight with no energy. My husband who is a bio teacher got on the web to see if he could find something else i could do. He read about Fred's vits. and thought it made perfect sense. I started taking them in March and after 2 weeks on them I had my appetite back and my energy. I started to gain back my weight. But the most important thing is that my tumor markers started coming way down and my cat scan showed that my tumors were shrinking. Well now I am off chemo and just taking the vits. I feel great!!I am back to running 5 miles a day and weight lifting. You see I am 36 years old and was a personnal trainer who for some reason ended up with pc. I have to say that my combo of chemo and vits really worked. They thought I would have to be on chemo for the rest of my life. But with everything going away they just keep a close watch on me and let me take the vits. I finally have my life back to normal. And normal is really great.

Posted 11/06/2001 07:39 pm by Tracy Fitz
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