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In July of 2001, my 53 year old mother told me that she has had pain under her breast bone for about 6 weeks. She isn't one to complain, but this time she said that she was going to find a doctor to check it out. My mom hasn't seen a doctor since my 23 year old sister was born. She has never been hospitalized until January 2001, when she broke her leg and once the cast came off, never went back to see if it healed properly. A little stubborn when it come to doctors. Anyway, she finally went in to see a doctor and he treated her for heartburn as she had no idea what that felt like. It didn't get better, so they did a MRI and a then a CAT scan. That revealed a bulge in the head of her pancreas and a few spots on her liver. A biopsy was done on the liver and the conclusion was cancer. We saw an oncologist who said that we will just be treating symptoms as they come (including chemo.)and that right now is the best time of her life and to take advantage of it. He gave us no prognosis or any direction. 'See you in a month unless something else comes up', was his words. My mom had been recommeded by a natural healing doctor to go to Tijuana to the Bio-Medical Center. It was her only choice and she was on a plane 6 days later. She is following the regime given to her and is taking the pain medication that has been prescribed to her by the doctor here. I guess that a radical change in diet isn't all that bad, at least she has some hope and that is more than any doctor here could give her. MAY GOD BLESS HER AND BRING HER HEALING.

Posted 09/13/2001 11:19 am by Tanya
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