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Elisaura Ramos - age 55 - female Diagnosed - Febuary 4, 2001 Current Treatment - Camposar and Gemzar on a bi-monthly basis (two Monday of treatment/two Monday's off) Receiving a Vitamin Cocktail two days on/two days off for one month as of today February 6 - surgery to remove tumors was scheduled - but when they went in - tumor on pancreas 5 cm - too large to remove and cancer had metastisized to liver (with 10-12 large tumors between 2 cm to 5 cm in all lobes of liver) Did a bilary bypass to help her eat - stop vomiting. Had lost about 20 pounds. Down to about 120 pounds now (9/12/01) Has some acieties - but nothing too bad - will be having CT scan in Sept. 2001

Tammy Villanueva - daughter-in-law - age 36 - female Mother died in 1995 of colon cancer with mets. to liver and lungs after 18 months of treatment with 5 FU.

Posted 09/12/2001 08:30 pm by Tammy 1 (Puerto Rico)
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