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This is the story of my beloved brother Danny. He was improperly diagnosed in April of 2000 with chronic pancreatitis. The doctor's opened him up with plans to do a whipple and remove a kidney which appeared to have had a tumor on it. The doctor came out with wonderful news for us, the kidney had been removed and the cancer had not spread anywhere else, so no chemo or radiation would be needed, and best of all the whipple would not need to be done because Danny just had a bad case of pancreatitis. As the summer went by, Danny continued to have major health problems...vomiting, weight loss, itching..etc. He went back in the hospital on September 5th, 2000 to have another procedure done in the hopes of alleviating his pancreatitis. When they opened him up, they discovered he had pancreatic cancer which had spread all throughout his peritoneum. They just closed him back up. Danny was treated with 5FU, Cisplatin and Gemzar together. He rapidly declined and died on February 16, 2001. He was only 33 years old. I miss him very, very much. He started at 180 pounds and was only about 80 pounds when he died. Our hope is that a cure will be found for this horrid disease in the near future, so that no one else will ever have to suffer like my brother did. He leaves behind 2 wonderful children. We love you Danny and we'll never forget you.

Posted 05/07/2001 09:07 pm by Sherry-Danny's sister
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