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I would like to take this time to write regarding my history with pancreatitus(I am sure I spelled this wrong). I became ill approximately three years ago. I had acute diarraha and then was constipated, they diagnosed me with Irritable bowel Syndrome, I took medication for that, but it seemed to get worse. I went to the Emergency Room and they did an x-ray and discovered slugs in my gallbladder which they weren't to concerned about at the time. Six-Seven months after my Emergency Room visit, I became ill again, only this time I was unable to breath and was in acute pain. My daughter phoned 911 and when EMS came they thought it was my heart and gave me nitrogylcerin(another mis-spelled word), which did help the pain and allowed me to breath. They hooked me to a EKG and watched me for the next few hours, finally the hospital I normally go to University Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio wanted me there. They had to transport me to my hospital and there they ran several tests. They said initially that it was my heart, then they came back again after a couple of hours and said that it was possibly stones within my gallbladder. I became very ill while in the cardio unit, they gave me several med's for pain. They eventually decided to schedule me for an ERCP. I had had a bad experience from this procedure a year or two previous, and they assured me that it would be fine. When I awoke from the procedure I was told that my pancreas was knicked during the exam. I had developed pancreantitus, talk about pain, I prayed as much as I could, and for some reason I had this wierd sense of calm during the whole experience. Before I left the hospital(I was there 2-3 weeks) they inserted a broviac above my heart and a nurse came to visit 1-2 a week. I had to prepare fluid and clean out my valve and had to walk around with this bag on my shoulder, which would beep at inappropriate times because I had it on battery. People would move away from me on the bus as though I had the plague, and I knew how people with imperfections, diseases and illnesses felt when people with so lack of knowledge and compassion would shun them. After about a month, my broviac fell out(no I didn't pull it out) but it did come out and I called the nurse which suggested I go to Emergency so they could do an x-ray and make sure none of the tubing was still within my chest which could wander to my heart.....all was o.k. with that they discovered. I was at home one evening a week after this and I started throwing up violently and was in pain. I tried to see if it would subside, but the pain seemed to worsen. I had to phone a cab to come get me and take me back thru emergency. I had to explain my recent history for them to pull all my records and then they decided to admit me. I was told later that my Gallbladder had died and that my system was beginning to be infected, remember I had the pancreas symptoms going on at the same time. They did perform surgery to remove the Gallbladder, I was in Intensive Care for a couple of days because it was pretty bad and the Doctor told me that I almost didn't make it. I was in the hospital much of sons birthday was in April, and he had to come to the hospital and I took him to the Cafeteria for a birthday dinner. My daughter was to graduate in June, I told the drs that to make me well before my daughters graduation. I was out in May and was able to make short outings with my daughter to help select her dress, get her pictures taken, etc.....I really fought not to miss those moments. Today, 2001 I still have Cysts located within my pancreas..I had four, Two pretty large ones and one medium sized(the fourth-disappeared), they had wanted to insert a tube that would drain them, but I refused that option, I prayed and left my situation in the hands of God and his son Jesus Christ. The Cysts are still located within the pancreas and I have to be tested every 4-6 months to make sure that they don't turn to cancer and that they don't grow any larger or spread to other areas. I have been really obsessed with pancreas and things that can go wrong with it. I only have pain every once and a while not constant and I do have pain med's and relaxers for the really bad times, but all in all I guess I should be thankful for the little blessings I am receiving. My message to all of those reading this, and that are experiencing this illness or even to the family members that are there for those ill, keep the faith, and don't ever give up on your dreams, desires.

Posted 04/20/2001 12:09 pm by Anonymous
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