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My dad, 52 years young, was diagnosed with stage 4 pc (mets to liver and encasing vascular structures) just before thanksgiving 11/2000. It came out of the clear blue sky in the form of ab & back pain in september 2000 (took 2 months to dx). He was so strong and healthy, still has experienced very little weight loss. Seems so unfair, he took such good care of himself, esp. vitamins ie antioxidants! He went through a cycle or two of gemzar+cisplatin (seemed to slow tumor growth but too toxic for dad to bear), then one of just gemzar (didn't work), then a couple weeks of 5FU/Xeloda (didn't work), currently, 4/12/01, waiting to enter a phase 1 clinical trial of combretostatin and drinking essiac tea. I am 27, my brother just turned 20, and our half sister (my dad's other daughter) is almost 10. Dad just got remarried last summer (july 2000), and his wife is devastated along with the rest of the family: my aunt (dad's only sibling), his mother (grandma, 84 yrs old) and nephew, who is getting married next November. As of today, my dear Dad's hangin' in there. He's tired, and tired of being sick. I hope the healing breezes of summer, and spring flowers will help him stay with us as long as he can, with as little suffering as possible.

May 24, 2001 (his birthday)
Update on my dad
My dad died May 14th, 2001, just about one month after I posted his bio. He didn't make it to the clinical trial, or his 53rd birthday, which is today. Sad that he never made it to the breezes and warmth of summer I envisioned, but glad he is not suffering anymore. Just the rest of us =(

I know it will get easier...
Love to everybody from Jessica. E-mails welcome.

Posted 04/12/2001 03:31 pm by jessica
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