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My dad (81 yrs. old) started to feel extremely tired in mid-Jan of 2000. My mom and dad went to the Dr. and he did all kind of tests and blood tests. The results from those tests led them to the digestive area. After more tests the Dr. suspected that my dad had liver cancer but sent him to an oncologist to confirm. After a biopsy, the oncologist said it was pancreatic cancer which had spread to the liver. This was around Feb. 22. By now a month had gone by from when dad had first felt sick and the Dr. said there was nothing to be done and put us in touch with hospice. He said my dad had about a month left. My family knew how bad PC was because my cousin had died of it 5 years earlier at age 49. We were devastated. I felt so helpless. I started going to my parents on Sat. and staying over until Sun. I wanted to spend as much time as I could. It was so hard watching my dad get progressively worse with each visit. He started to lose his appetite. Luckily my dad didn't experience a lot of pain. He started sleeping more and more. He was getting around with the help of a walker until his last week. The day before he died my dad slipped into a coma. On Sun. March 19, 2000 my dad passed away very peacefully with my the hospice nurse, my mom and myself at his side. Those were the worst two months of my life. I'm just glad that my dad didn't suffer for a long time and wasn't in much pain. Sometimes I do regret that we didn't pursue some kind of treatment. But my dad had a nice long life and died 3 days short of his 82nd birthday.

Posted 04/04/2001 02:16 pm by Diane (daughter)
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