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James had drainage of a pancreatic cyst August 1990.Subsequent follow-up showed no recurrence. In April 1997 he experienced left shoulder pain and weight loss. Blood tests showed no abnormalities in pancreatic enzymes. Weight loss continued, pain gradually became worse. Seen privately inJuly by orthopaedic surgeon as suspected frozen shoulder due to work as hairdresser.Chest and shoulder X-ray clear. Injected shoulder with anti-inflammatory agent and told to rest. Bone scan ordered at my insistence. Went on holiday for a week, symptoms became acute. On return bone scan performed.Two days later in agony so went to hospital, where a frozen shoulder was diagnosed but at my insistence admitted for further tests. Mass felt in pancreatic area. Scan next day revealed a mass with liver secondaries, spinal and bone secondaries. Prognosis of ? liver cancer and three weeks to live. Theatre for drainage of large fluid mass in abdomen showed a pancreatic cyst, biopsies taken from liver but nothing found. Weight loss continued, morphine given for pain.Tissue samples sent had to go to a specialist area in another hospital. Diagnosis neuro-endocrine tumour of pancreas. Drain releasing cystic fluid fell out. Too weak for immediate surgery so a central line to deliver nutrition inserted. Large abdominal distension and severe pain continued. The leaking pancreatic fluid tracked down, penis and testicles became gangrenous. To theatre where abdomen opened and cleaned, genitalia debrided and cleaned. Abdomilnal wound left open to drain fluid. James was very anaemic as blood was draining in abdominal wound. transfusions commenced but James had a heart attack and died.Three weeks from diagnosis to death. James was 39 and left behind a wife and 2 small children aged 4 and 5.

Posted 03/30/2001 06:27 pm by Jill
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