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Hello my name is Jeani ,where do I begin ..I am losing my mother to this horrible disease (pancreatic cancer)Sure I heared of it before and I knew it was not good and I know there is no cure(sometimes there is)but not in my moms case she was Dx in September 2000 .Three weeks before I was to get married to the greatest man in the world ,his name is Sean.We found out it was already in Stage IV four days before the wedding .I cant believe the timing my mother and I have waited and planned so hard for this day .So here we are both devistated ,for her and my husband I found the strentgh to go threw with it ,we cancelled the honeymoon and have since been trying support her the best way we know how.With lots of hugs and kisses..Her name is Lily (silly Lily) thats what she is called .Well she is my best friend and the most dearest person in my life ,she is kind and so loving .How did this disease find her ,and why????I will never know the answer to that .I only can pray that I will find the strengh to take care of her the best way I can until she finally will be free from fear ,pain and tears.I love her so much we are one of the same (kindred spirits)I pray that one day I will be blessed to have her grandchildren and that I can be as wonderful a mother as she was to me.Thats my promise to her and to never smoke again and to take care of her dog Buddy .He is so loyle and loving and is the only one to still bring a smile to her face ,during this nightmare.....May someday a cure be found ,or early detection so my children wont ever find themselves here. and heartfelt prayers Jeani

Posted 01/10/2001 12:13 am by Jeani
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