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It has been ten years since Whipple surgery, and two years since my last posted update. Not much has changed, other than my age. I take Creon with meals, still having to watch my weight. I had gained a few more pounds, and my A1C crept up to 6.8, so the doctor asked me to try Metformin. I had to stop taking it after five weeks because of adverse side affects. To try and get my A1C down and to loose weight, I put myself on a a Low Glycemic Load diet. In a relatively short time I have lost 12 pounds, and have only a few pounds to go to get to my desired weight range. My blood glucose number at 2 hours after meals is staying been 105 and 125, which is very good for me. The LGL diet can be healthy and work well to help diabetics, especially is you like a variety of vegetables. You have to watch fats, as we all do after Whipple surgery. I have been able to maintain my exercise routine and still walk almost every day 4 miles and sometimes more.

It is hard to believe these ten years have gone so quickly. There are of course still challenges that come with life after Whipple, but they seem to have declined as years have passed. Perhaps we learn enough with time to adjust to it all.

I wish everyone who visits this board, patients and caregivers, the very best. I'm still hopeful we will soon see the day when Pancreatic Cancer can be caught early and treated effectively to give all a chance for a good life.

Posted 11/26/2012 02:02 pm by B.GA
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