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My husband Frank was dx April 10, 2000 - that's 7 months. His cancer had masticized to the liver and he didn't qualify for surgery. He had 13 Gemzar and four Camptisor combined with Gemzar. Gemzar reduced tumor at about 2 months and then chemo had no effect. Onc suggested we go to San Antonio Cancer Center for experimental trials. Frank had problems with his stent - he had it replaced 3 times!! Had appointments in San Antonio and had to cancel twice due to stent replacement. Whenever his stent was clogged he got very weak, jaundiced - and after replacement of the stent it took about three weeks for him to get his strength back and his bloodwork acceptable!! We were scheduled for experimential trial in Dallas (Baylor School of Medecine) Dec. 7 for Onyx, which is a gene therophy, combined with Gemzar. Had appointment with onc 11-8 - everything seemed good!! so planning appointment 11-14 at Baylor in Dallas to discuss clinical trials - rep said we were definitely in the trials if everything was ok. Friday 11-10 Frank felt horrible. We called doctor and he told us to come to the infusion center for fluids - probably was dehydrated. 7:30 p.m. Onc came by - checked him out and put him in the hospital - at this point he was starting to swell in the neck, face and hands. Sunday morning he had massive heart attack and stopped breathing 3:45 a.m. Monday morning. My regrets - Onc knew there is not cure for pancreatic cancer with the treatments we have available today. I could be wrong but I have not heard of one survivor in the seven months I have been on this board. If we had to do it over we would have gone IMMEDIATELY into experimental trials and prayed for a miracle!!

Posted 11/19/2000 11:41 pm by KIT, Fort Worth
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