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I started experiencing a sudden onset of panic attacks, night sweats and severe insomnia in the summer of 2009. My family doctor ran a blood panel and found elevated lipase. I was immediately sent for an ultrasound, CT and MRI. My local radiologists found a dilated duct and a 6mm mass. I was referred to the 'best' in Toronto who repeated every test and said nope no mass. I told them my father died of suspected pancreatic cancer and my surgeon said ' gee thats a hard diagnosis to miss'. They decided I had probable scar tissue fom idiopathic pancreatitis. I coud eat anything and had no digestive issues at all. He sent me for an EUS, came back insufficient cells. So they decided to follow me every three months with scans. We asked if they left that dilated duct there would it turn into anything sinister and he said no. The radiology team in my home town freaked out when they heard this and even called down to Toronto to direct the physicians to the exact slides where they saw the tumor but nothing ever came of this. 14 months later I had a new nodule suspicious for Adeno. I had a distal in dec 2010. A 2cm mass poorly differentiated with no spread, but IPMN cells at margin. Surgeon wanted to take out the rest of my pancreas but his team disagreed. One year later had a recurrence in my head of my pancreas . They told us it was huge 4cm with lymph. They recommended surgery but this time I first needed a stent for jaundice and then pre op rad/ chemo. Two weeks into this regimen I became very ill with sepsis. In the hospital for three weeks of antibiotics then a total pancreatectomy. As it turned out they were wrong again. It was only 1 cm with no nodes which seemed very positive. My first 3 month scan after this shows widespread mets to liver and lungs. I am hoping for a trial with something other than chemo. I can't tell you how many times I was told whatever is going on with your duct it's not cancer. I was told pancreatic cancer is a hard diagnosis to miss, that I did not fit the profile. Bottom line, I am 51 with two beautiful sons and a wonderful husband and I am never going to see my sons get married or hold my grandchildren because of the ignorance, arrogance and incompetence of my surgeon. I have been thru two terrifying surgeries that I fought really hard to recover from. And in the end it all came down to one docs decision to watch and wait.

Posted 06/22/2012 08:41 pm by KADY
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