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My Dad Silvano started to lose weight around 1998. In May 2000 he started to have a pain a couple of hours after he ate in his stomach. Finally in July 2000 he got the proper CT scan that showed a 2cm tumor on the head of his pancreas and possibly around/not in the portal vein. The surgeon would not operate. He was given 5 treatments (1wk) of 5fuand 20 radiation treatments. Sep18th a new CT scan revealed the tumor was now 4-5cm and lesions on the liver. In the meantime, he switched medical groups to have the same oncologist as my mother (non hodgkins lymphoma low grade)He was then given 1800 gemsar but, was hospitalized twice in 10days with high fever and fluid in abdomen. He then got a lower dosage of gemsar 800 for 2 weeks in a row but, his white blood count got too low so he got 3 days/injections of neupogen which did raise his wbc. Now he got a lower dosage of gemsar 500 but, he got a high fever again but, this time we avoided the stress of the emergency room to bringing down his 101.9 fever with tylenol & cool compress.Now the biggest discomfort is the fluid in his abdomen (last week 1 1/2 liters were removed but,returned in 3days) and his legs, especially his left leg is inflamed and toes are white. He is seeing a doctor of chinese medicine who has customized an herbal formula to strengthen his leaks (lymphatic system & capillaries) but, he's only taken the formula for a few days. Does anyone else have any ideas to relieve this terrible pressure? Does this mean he's close to death?

Posted 11/05/2000 02:07 pm by Silvana
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