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I am a 40 year old male. I live in the Philadelphia area, I was diagnosed in August 1996 with PC. After a summer of craziness, in May after taking my then pregnant wife home from the hospital from surgery to has a cyst removed from her olvalry I started to get bad pain in my abdomen. Called my Dr. who said to take some antacid and come in the next day for an exam. After the exam he said it was ulcer, spleen or pancreas and that he wanted a Upper GI and a blood test. After my UGI I called him to say I was done and he told me he got the results of my blood and that I had pancreatitis. Complete bowl rest for 2 weeks and anon fat diet for the following 2 weeks. After the month I was fine, about 2 weeks later I started having oil in my stools. Called the doctor again and he referred me to a GI who said it was chronic pancreatitis and prescribed enzymes witch cleared up the problem. 2 weeks after that I turned YELLOW called the GI he set up a ERCP and a CT.The ERCP showed no blockage but the CT showed a mass. The next test was a needle biopsy (What fun!!). The biopsy concluded that I had PC. Next was the wirlwind tour of Docs.. First the Onc then the Radiation Onc then the surgeon. The surgeon explained the wippple procedure and risks and said it was the best chance I had. The said he needed to see if I was a canadate and sent me for a catherastion test to see how the blood flow around the tumor was. Test came back fine and was scheduled for sugary 3 days later. I spent 15 days in the hospital be fore going home. After being home one day my wife rushed me to the emergence room in extreme pain. I was clogged up in my colon and it was a killer. The next day I went home. For the next 2 weeks I could not sleep lying down, the pain from my insides was a killer but I got thought it. After that I started 12 weeks of radiation and Chemo one week of the month for the following 3 months.6000 rads of radiation total and 3 treatments of cisplatent and 3-3continuos days of 5FU.In between Chemo 3 and 4 my wife managed to give birth to my second son. January 1997 I was finished I thought it was never going to end. My wife And I took a vacation alone that month just to get away from it all. I resumed playing Ice Hockey by the end of January and havenít stopped since. I was a Stage 2 Adnocarcinoma 2.5cm

Posted 10/03/2000 01:26 pm by Jamie Broccolo
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