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This is for my mom. My kids call her Gramma Judi. She is 54 yrs. old. A couple of years ago she had a problem with her galbladder. They removed it and sent her on her way. About a year later she started having similar problems with keeping down food, upset stomach ect... They did lots of tests and found nothing. She was finally sent to Duke Univ. Hospital. Her doctor there did several tests, cat scans,biopsy's, ect..They decided to try the Pustoe ( SP? ) They did the surgery and found nothing but scar tissue. There was alot of it though and they were very concerned. She was also diognosed with Pancreatitis. Things were OK for a while although she was never able to eat normally. Then this past June she started to get really sick and jaundiced. They tried a stent while they did another catscan. The stent became blocked after only 5 days. They went back with a larger stent to hold her till an emergency surgery was schedualed the next week. They needed just enough time for the jaundice to go away. They did more biopsy's and another catscan. They found only a small blockage on the scan and hoped to remove it in surgery. Well, it was a whole nother story when they got in there. They small blockage was the size of a walnut and it was cancer. The cancer had also spread to the close nodes. The tumor was inopperable due to it being wrapped around the main blood supply. They did a double bypass to help her as much as they could. Now she is at home and in terrible pain. It has been 3 weeks since the surgery. All she wants is to take one last trip to fish in Canada. She is having a pain block next week. I pray that will make it possible for her to enjoy her time left with us. I wish she hadn't had the surgery now. I am afraid the cancer will spread more quickly now. Who Knew? We all thought it was scar tissue again.

Posted 09/07/2000 09:01 pm by TAMMY
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