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Okay here we go. I find that there is no sense in knowing something individually if we aren't able to put head together and share information. Every now and then we come across someone who knows a trick or two of getting an accurate answer.

October of 2008 I started belching uncontrollably. I found this odd since I've never been able to make myself burp. It's a continuous belch that feels like a hickup at the same time. It continues until I gag and maybe vomit. At the time, this accompanied by stomach pain and diarrhea at least once a week. Air coming out both ends non stop.

So the 1st physician tried every anti-ancid reflux drug available and not a single one had an effect. I went to a GI specialist in January of 2009 and he did an endoscopy. The result, found nothing and told me to keep taking the drugs I was taking.

In August of 2009 I went to a new Physician who thought it might be my Gallbladder. An ultra sound was conducted and showed I had thickened Gallbladder wall but no stones. Next I did a hyda scan that revealed my Gallbladder was having contractions. By this time I have diarrhea every single day multiple times and it's nothing but water mostly. (Malapsorption) Along with this is pain all through my abdomen - all day and night.

In October of 2009 surgeon removes Gallbladder. In Novemeber I go back to him complaining that the diarrhea is worse, yellow in color and that I ache even worse all day long. He sends me for CT-scan. Result comes back and he say's everything is fine but I looked constipated. Now you can't have diarrhea and be constipated unless you have some sort of blockage but this guy skips over that. He writes me a script for laxative. Yeah, like that's going to help my diarrhea. Pain and diarrhea continues and sometimes it's 10 times a day.

I go to my diabetic specialist and she sends for a gastric emptying study that ultimately reveals I have gastoperisis. Funny, because I feel like my food is passing rather quickly. Most of the time before I can even put my fork down. By this time whatever is happening has caused some freakish anxiety which I had never experienced before. They put me on medication to handle that and proscribe me Regland for the gastoperisis.

Pain gets worse and diarrhea gets worse. Very foul smelling. That and -still burping,flautulence and gagging. I get a referral to another GI specialist. In January of 2010 I go to him. He takes me off the Regland because you can't take Regland and anxiety pills together. The combination is ugly and Regland itself can cause some very nasty crack head side effects like twitching and droopy face. This guy does a colonoscopy and endoscopy at the same time. The results - I'm all messed up it would appear but the Dr. acts as if it's all routine.

The results: 25cm colon polyp (negative for Cancer), Colon spasms, Colon too narrow, Colon inflamed, esophagus inflamed, esophogas - hiatal hernia, stomach inflamed, bulb duodenitis (small intestines) inflamed. Dr. widens colon back out. Dr. says take dyclomine and prilosec and sends me home. Dycyclomine helps with colon spasms and usually is used to treat IBS.

Meanwhile, throughout this process, before and after procedure, I'm getting very fatigued, thrush in mouth, feel light headed, dizzy and I'm dehydrated. One day I drink 8 glasses of water and crap it all right back out. Next day I try crystal light and out comes a waterfall the color of a rainbow. Sure sign of malapsorption that the Dr. recognizes but does nothing.

So I do a follow up with this Dr. 2 weeks after procedure in which time I have lost 12 lbs - and I'm not a big guy. Now pain goes from stomach to back in addition to chest pain not associated with heart burn. Tell him about fatigue and thrush in mouth. He doesn't look but blames everything on diabetes. I have no keytones and so that rules out diabetes. IBS ruled out because it doesn't cause inflammation. Negative for chrons. Negative for celic spru. Negative for liver disease. Negative for collitis. Negative for HEP, HIV, or any foreign bacteria. I tell him drugs aren't working and he says keep taking them and come back in six weeks. I'm also negative for GERD.

He does however order a KUB x-ray (abdominal). Results come back and this time I made sure I got a copy on disk along with a copy of previous CT-Scan. Apparently none of the Dr.'s said anything but the surgeon left behind a couple of surgical clamps. One attached to the 12 rib and the other has fallen below the pelvic into the abyss. This isn't exactly what's causing my problems because they existed before hand but surely they're not helping matters either.

The only part of my digestive system that no one has positively looked at is my pancrease. In this case, I am diabetic and pancreatic cancer runs in family.I also smoke. Of course -they know this. All the organs surrounding the pancreas are inflamed so it might be easy to conclude that some pancreitis could be involved too. Tell each Dr. and no one listens. The thickening of a Gallbladder wall is usually caused by a primary cause. No one has really looked for that cause. Inflammation is the bodies way of responding to not so natural problems. X-ray could show pancreas but is often problematic. Ct-scan could show it if not obstructed in view by food and other things. One would also have to read the scan in detail which hasn't been done since they didn't even notice all the surgical clamps left behind until I questioned the lower the ones.

Meanwhile a Dr. makes over 17,000 for running a tube with a camera down my throat and up my rear. Funny, Uncle Sam does the same thing but I'm the one that has to fill out the report. Sickness for profit and drugs for sickness - neither works but the system keeps moving unchanged. Can anyone read x-rays or ct-scans? Can't seem to get the radiologist to really read it or the Dr. to. Who know's what is wrong with me but I'd feel better if the lethal things were ruled out or confirmed. Going to 3rd GI specialist this week. Eyes have mild jaundice and Dr. wasn't concerned.

Posted 02/09/2010 05:29 pm by TRAVIS
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