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41 y.o husband newly diagnosed

My husband was just diagnosed 2wks ago with 8cm mass in body of pancreas w/ mets to liver and heavy retroperitoneal lymph node involvement behind pancreas. We just got home after 2wks in local hospital then Stanford. He had celiac block which really helped w/ extreme pain he was in. Stanford wasn't offering any amazing clinical trials. GEMZAR/TARCEVA/monoclonal ab but phase 1 trial and we decided to stick w/ our local oncologist who is doing clinical trial w/ GEMZAR/new drug from china Kanglaite which has had some good results w/ pain and appetite and some tumor load control. but I am having 2nd thoughts about maybe not being aggressive enough. many people seem to have had good results w/ GEMZAR/XELODA . We can get this too w/ our oncologist and I am thinking if not quick enough response w/ Kanglaite or if we get into nontx arm, going to ask for GEMZAR/XELODA quickly. any thoughts re: tx ?

Posted 11/05/2009 04:56 am by Sonia in CA
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