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My mom, Christine was diagnosed in November of 1999 with PC. This was after months of stomach probelems, being treated for ulcers, stomach infection, and having nearly every test known to man. A Whipple was attempted but could not be completed. My mom was given two to six months when we left the hospital. She had mets to liver and we live in a very small rural area with the closest large hospital 200 miles away. My mom opted to have no treatment. We brought her home to dies. She has been on hospice since January. She has done remarkable well, she was put on a newly released medication which is used to treat aides victims and helps stay the emaciation, weight and fat loss. I feel without this drug we would have lost her before now. She has ascities really bad. Her lower lobes in her lungs have collapsed. She is confined to bed now because she says she breathes better laying down and she is very weak. She is on oxygen all the time. Fluid is building up in the lining of her lungs. She has a terrible open sore on her spine. She is just bones, no fat anywhere and is developing other places which are not open yet and we are praying do not become so. She has had such a terrible time with her appetite, but the last month has had a very healthy one and is eating and enjoying food again, but seems to be gaining no value from it. Her attitude throughout this has been very upbeat and hopeful. I think she has now confronted the reality and realizes she does not have much longer. She is trying to prepare us for that. This is a horrible disease!!! I have read the posting here for months and have contributed ocassionally, but everyone else does a much better job. I have gained so much knowledge and comfort from being here. I feel we are on the last leg of this journey but I will continue to read the postings and gather stregth from them

Posted 07/23/2000 11:03 pm by PatS
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