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Hi, My name is Kary and I am the daughter of Judi Maiman (see her bio under Judi). She was dx with PC in August of 1996, at the age of 57, and had the Whipple at Johns Hopkins in September of 1996. She valiantly fought this disease, using 5FU first, then Gemzar with Merimistat (an experimental drug), then Xeloda. She did very well, and was almost cancer free at one point, but in about July of 1999 she started to lose appetite(which was unusual for her), get frequent and extremely bad gas pains, and her CA19-9 sky rocketed. They never found the cancer re-occurance, but she passed away in September of 1999, almost 3 years to the day of her Whipple. I was living at home with her through the entire struggle, and helped her when she needed it, which was not often. My mom was very "healthy" and independant up until the last 4 or 5 days of her fight. I provided household help, emotional support and was just here when she needed me. She was very active in the formation of PanCAN, and I am trying to carry that on for her. I would also like to say that she is and always will be my hero, as she was always so strong and so hopeful and determined. I hope to live my life with at least a fraction of the energy and determination she had.

Posted 07/23/2000 11:56 am by Kary T.
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