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My Mom Marie - I am writing this Bio for my Mom...the most wonderful person I know. On May 9, 2000 my Mom was rushed to the ER with gallstones. During surgery they found cancer in her gall bladder and a 4.5 cm tumor on her liver. Pathology on the liver tumor was poorly differentiated and they could not determine the primary site of the cancer. Over the last month she has gone for a series of diagnostic tests. A cat scan of the abdomen and pelvis revealed only a tumor on her liver. However, her oncologist still felt something more was there and he sent her for a PET scan. The PET scan revealed a mass in the Pancreas which they believe is the primary site. Mom has stage IV pancreatic cancer and is now on a course of chemo - gemzar and enrolled in a Phase III clinical trial for R115777. Eleven years ago Mom also suffered from Breast Cancer (having undergone right mastectomy). This certainly makes me believe there is connection between breast and pancreatic cancer - especially after reading so many of the bios. Sadly, enough my Grandmother (my Mother's Mother) died of Pancreatic Cancer 6 years ago. My Mom was her caregiver. As for me I am an only child age 32 - married for only one year to a wonderful man - we have no children. I am sad that my Mom will likely never know her grandchildren - this was the only thing in life she ever wanted. I live long distance from my Mom but we speak numerous times a day (the phone bills are out of this world). I was there for the past month - and going back in a couple of weeks. My Dad is with her now. My Mom is my hero and I only hope I can handle this with the same grace and dignity she is - They give her only 6 months to live. This Web site is the only thing that keeps me going - Some days I feel like nobody else can understand me. God Bless all of you who are suffering from this terrible disease - as my Mom says - The Good Lord doesn't give us more then we can handle. In my heart I know she is right...she always is. God Bless...Tina.

Posted 06/23/2000 07:56 pm by Marie - Daughter Tina
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