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Upcoming Whipple was posted 11/17/2008 01:08 pm by Cheryl
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Hello everyone, I didn't think I would be back to this site since my Uncle Dave passed away in December 2000,of Pancreatic cancer however, my mom has been diagnosed with a tumour in her ampulla of vater, right by the bile duct( ampulary carcinoma. She is scheduled to have a whipple procedure next week ( my uncle wasn't a candidate because of mets to the lungs) we are all very scared of the operation, the recovery, life afterwards, etc. She is being operated in Toronto, Canada by a surgeon who is very experienced in this operation. SHe has high blood pressure, low hemaglobin, and has been taking E-prex needles once a week to boost her hemaglobin levels up. My mom is only 63yrs old and has 2 beautiful grand-daughters ages 6 and 7.5. SHe has to be there to see them grow up, I need my mom, I am only in my 30's I am so frustrated and angry, but yes, very thankful that she is fortunate enough to get this operation. Any support, words of encouragement, or experiences with this disease and/or with the whipple procedure would be much appreciated!!! wishing you all well!!

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