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Christina was posted 10/15/2008 05:53 pm by Nadia
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Hi Christina, My thoughts are with you as you endure the 3-month mark since your beloved mother passed. This week on the 19th, it will be 6 months for my mom. Time moves so fast - there are still days I find it so hard to believe mom has passed. Don't second guess yourself in how you approached her care - you did the very best with a very difficult illness. The gallbladder and bile duct cancers are so hard to detect early and have limited options because of the late diagnosis. My mom was sick for nearly a year before the doctors decided to check her gallbladder - she had heart disease and the presenting symptoms were so similar they always checked her heart. Those repeated gallbladder episodes and inflamations contributed to the bile duct cancer. Mom's cancer was a very slow growing one and late to spread and she had much more time and a higher quality of life than what many on this board describe. She also had more time than ANY of her doctors ever thought. She told them on the day of her diagnosis that she was going to fool everyone about her life span predictions and she did. People just shook their head in disbelief at her when she reminded them of her initial diagnosis of 8-10 months when we were going on 3 yrs! My best advice is to let time be the balm that soothes your grief and know that the grief will lessen and change. Take comfort in good memories you have of your mother and know she isn't suffering any longer. -Nadia

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