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Why? was posted 10/15/2008 11:35 am by A loving daughter
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Hello my name is christina... My mother died three months ago from gall bladder cancer at age 62. I didnt really know she was that sick until it was to late . She didnt ever want to upset me i was preg. With my second child ... A month after i gave birth she died .. Now i feel guilt like i could of done more ... She died so fast six ten months after she turned yellow .. I can not understand how the doctors could not tell she had cancer ... Why cant they have tests to detect gall bladder before it is too late? I wish there is something i could do to help prevent more people from dying from gbc ... The grief of losing my mother is so hard and i hope and pray that one day they can have better detection and give people more of a chance to fight .. Thank you to anyone that takes time to respond back to me ... I feel this is a good place to vent because you all know what i am going through .. I lost a part of my heart my best friend and dear mother .. It was such a night mare the whole thing and her death the coma and the cancer going to her liver and her not knowing who i was .. It all happened so fast i just always thought my mother would never die ... Well thanks for letting me vent .. My thoughts are with all of you and your familys .. God bless

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