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I am so sorry was posted 10/10/2008 04:49 pm by A loving daughter
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Hello i lost my mother three months ago to gall bladder cancer ... I feel your pain my advice is to spend as much time with her as you can ... My mother went very very fast after it went to her liver ... The doctors told us there was nothing else they could do ... I prayed every day for something wonderful to happen but it was not the case at all ... My mother stopped eating we tried everything try making small meals so she does not get too anxious from seeing too much food .. I am so sorry that you have to go through such a hard thing ... The best thing to do is give her your love and attention and be strong ... I will pray for you and your family .. Need any advice or anything please ask i am very blunt my mothers nurse was that way with me and i felt it helped me that nothing was sugar coated i hope i helped you in someway ... It is so hard to see someone you love so ill and so helpless .. When it went to my mothers liver she didnt know who i was anymore it was very hard i hope you do not have to go through that ... Again you need anything please ask i would love to give you some kind of peace .. God bless

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