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Brother update! was posted 09/22/2008 11:11 pm by dede
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Tomorrow is a big day! Thankfully, the radiologist 'GRANTED' my brother 15 more radiation treatments. We prayed for a miracle to give him more life. Yes, he is very jaundiced and has 2 bile duct drainage bags. He seemed to be responding and then Labor day he went to MD Anderson with a high fever and infection and then again one week ago, the same thing happened again. They will only do a little chemo if the bili is 1 or 2. When he went in the hospital it had jumped to 15!

When he left, it had only gone down to 10. This week he has had a burst of energy again. Wednesday is his last radiation treatment. He meets with drs. tomorrow.........

What happens when the radiation and chemo cannot be given? Is it down hill very fast????????????

It is now about 1 yr and 9 months. Yes, I know we should be soooo thankful he has done so well compared to most.

I am selish and want another year and then more again.

I know I have learned one thing------------material things really do not matter as does good health, a hug from your family, church, a sunny day. The phrase Stop and Smell the Roses is so true.

God bless all of you that write here. I am so thankful for all my friends who take a minute of their time just to say hello.

I wish the best to all of you battling this disease. dede

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