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Thank you!! was posted 09/18/2008 08:42 pm by Jennifer - Rose's Daughter
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I found it to be 2 different drugs via injection. The first one was to show my biliary tree to include the gallbladder. The last to make my gallbladder 'work' or 'empty'. The second part of the screening (it looked like a donut I was in) made me sick. I was kinda lucky, the radiologist actually worked with or alongside my Mother when she first started her nursing career.

Unfortunately my first cousin was diagnosed in late July. She won't 'explore' her options. I told her of this site but she doesn't want her experience to be like our experiences here. I told her that this is where you get alot of information and everyone is like a family. She chooses to remain faithful to her doctor (may I add he's in the same group as my Mother's doctor). She feels that she can beat this because my Mother was 62-63 yrs old vs. her being only 40. I explained to her age made no difference to this. I can only try. Hopefully my scan will be negative. Still waiting...Jennifer

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