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Hi my name is Angel I am 29 yrs old and my best friend who is also my dad had pancreatic cancer. He was diagnosed with pc and mets to liver on Jan 13 ,2000 he went thru 6 weeks of radition and chemo Dr's said no surgery never told what size tumors nothing and he was doing very well, he was tired but he was more depressed than any thing I believe ( he would not let me really know cause he hated depression but you could just tell) Before he was diagnosed he had a real little pain in his abdomen that was in maybe october or may be even november he went to the Dr's they told him to lose weight that since his belly was to big that the fat was pressing up against the wall of his stomache and he did . He was 5"9 265 lbs all belly from good eatin !!!!! I call it the old guy contentment syndrome no offense to any one. well I was late for work one day ( very unusual ) and my dad called and said the pain got worse he needed to go to the emergency room for the pain,thiught maybe gas we went, we were there for at least 8 hrs b-4 they told us any thing but my dad the talker he was and straight up kinda guy so he told the dr he was not leaving until there was a result !!!! and thast was Jan 11 they admitted him Jan 13 was I think the worst day of our lives well really it was the waiting that was the worst well low and behold my Dad lived with pc till april 20 and the wonderful father and my best buddy I ever had has since passed Away and the funny thing is he had no other symptoms just allittle pain in the belly so I don't have good news but but dad went kicking and screamming meaning he did not give up not even in the end he was not afraid to die he was afraid of PC we have no history and he could not figure out where it came from !!!!!! So I guess that was the mystery Who ever has it don't give up My dad was 57 and we were planning a beach wedding in July for me and he will never dance with me physically and he will not play ball with my kids ( when I have them ) I took alot of time off from work to spend with my friend(My daddy)and they were the best times we ever had together so my point is treat every day as if it is ur last say what you need to say sick or not cause as we know life is to short!!!!I really miss my dad and its been only 2 weeks but it feels like forever so who ever has pc "Kick the crap out of it " and for all family members of people with it Help them live with it not die from it !!!!! Love to all Angel

Posted 05/03/2000 10:30 pm by ANGEL AM
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