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Nicole thanks was posted 08/22/2008 11:23 am by A loving daughter
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Wow your message was very touching thanks .. Its very very hard at the very end of her life was the worst she was at home and i went there every day and loved her and cared for her along with my family .. It was so hard when the cancer got to her liver she did not know who i was than she went into a coma and passed a day later its so so unreal to me still . I cry alot and miss her more than words can explain cancer sucks and i just never thought it would an my mother ugh its hard . I walk around outside alot and look at the world different wondering when she is looking down and just try to think of the good times but its hard to forget how she looked at the end in the coma that was so tragic to me and getting her ashes was hard and oh god the memorial service was huge alot alot of people there keeping saying stuff to me but in a way it made me feel worse .. Stinks .. How are you holding up ? Its nice to talk to someone who can relate to what i am going through it helps alot thanks so much nicole . Hope your hanging in there get through each day . Oh you have to get this book its called mid wife to heaven its a great book . Hope to hear from you again . Thanks for all your advice and kind words. Love to share pictures with you do you have my space

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