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Gemzar & Similar Stage was posted 04/13/2008 01:10 am by Jennifer - Rose's Daughter
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Please see my postings (2008). My Mother is currently on Gemzar (IV infusion once every 2 weeks) and Xeloda (3 caps in the am and 3 in the pm starting the day after infusion---7 days on 7 days off). So far now vomiting after 2 complete rounds ending this past Friday. She has somewhat controlled nausea (she won't take her nausea medications like she's supposed to--they told her to expect shortness of breath--gee thanks for that one--same thing that they told her about the contrast dye and I had to literally beg her to take that at the very beginning of testing. That took all day, until I finally convinced her at 10pm that she had to take it.) Orange shebert she claims to be a lifesaver on her tummy as well as crackers. Buffalo Rock has the better and more potent form of Ginger Ale vs Shwepps (she hates the Rasberry flavor). So far only 'quesy' feelings with her. She fears the side effects too much sometimes. But she hasn't missed a treatment or dose to this day!!!

I hope this helps out.

God bless you and your family during this time, Jennifer

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