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Dad was posted 04/04/2008 03:29 pm by Concerned Daughter
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Hello there, I truly appreciate your detailed reply and info. I live far away from my folks and do not have privy to all of the test results. I just know that it is end stage -lymph nodes involved and stromal tumor in his stomach(unrelated?) Because of Dads recent history with the arteritus and stroke they have deemed him too weak to withstand surgery, but did place a stent at the time of endoscope in December. He was sent home and then ended up with severe pancreatitus. Recovered and felt pretty good up until this week (although two weeks ago he had a fever and infection that was helped with antibiotics. He is in the hospital as I write this-having had the external drain placed, which tells me he was really bothered because he does not want to be in the hospital.Now Mom tells me they want to possibly remove the stent and replace it with a newer model that is supposed to last longer. I wondered why they just didn't use that one in the first place??? It's difficult because my folks are very private people and tend to hang on every word of their Dr.'s. Mom gets vexed when we encourage her to ask more questions. I am concerned about recurrence of pancreatitus if they scope him again. He just wants to be home and 'take a nice walk' once the ice melts and plant his heathers. No one should have so many different health challenges! Dad is a good , kind, decent, usually robust outdoorsman, who shared his love of beautifying the land by caring for town gardens. He has accepted his fate always replying that he is a stoic and what is-is. So, here I am writing all of this because I would like for him to be as comfortable as possible in his last days.I try to call every day and tell them both how much I love them. Life is too short! Thank you very much for your hugs and replies.I am sorry for your loss and need to be here as well. God Bless sally

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