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Renee and Neill was posted 03/19/2008 11:56 am by mrs
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Both of your web pages look like an advertisement for a specific doctor. I don't have the time to view the video, but your site does not give much info on any other treatment besides surgery. Did she have radiation or chemo? If so, how long? Any thing different in her diet?

If you didn't know, bile duct cancer (intrahepatic) in the liver CAN BE CURED with surgery. That is what it sounds like your mother/wife had done. She is in the rare minority to be blessed. Hopefully it stays that way.

It is bile duct cancer located outside the liver (extrahepatic) that seems to be deadlier and much more like pancreatic cancer. I asked my father's surgeon about this long ago and that is how he explained it. He also trained under the infamous Dr. Starzl and then became HEAD of the dept. where the doc you advertise also went to school.

I do know Dr. Starzl is friends and has visited my father's surgeon who has been repeatedly named Best Doctor in America for his expertise in abdominal surgery. Yet, I don't go out and advertise unless you happen to be in the Los Angeles area and then only to go for a second or third opinion if you have gone elsewhere. Also, you will rarely find any complaints from staff or patients on his behavior. We were surprised to hear they adore and LOVE him and rarely a negative complaint. Nurses know doctors best and he was the first we ever heard where they liked him for his professionalism, personality, bedside manners, attitude, and his expertise and skills as a top surgeon.

So unless you can share more on what your mother/wife has done in terms of treatments besides prayer, please post, but please stop the advertising since so many who came here in the past have NEGATIVE things to say about that doctor. Let us know what she is doing to be feeling so well. Again if you are lucky, surgery can cure this cancer. The liver regenerates and is the one of the only major organs to do so. All the best to your mother/wife.........Mary

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