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Jennifer was posted 03/04/2008 11:59 am by Cheryl
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Hi Jennifer--welcome to the board. I don't have an encouraging story for you but I think it's different from yours. I lost my dad after a 3-month illness to cholangiosarcoma. There was a big difference in his disease process compared to your mother's though and I think that is important. My dad never turned yellow; he turned gray. I am thinking there is a better prognosis for those who turn yellow than those who don't because I think those who turn yellow have more gallbladder and extra-hepatic bile duct involvement while those who turn gray have more intrahepatic bile duct and liver involvement. When my dad was diagnosed, the tumor encompassed 1/3 of his liver with little metastatic pieces all through his liver. He had a very poor appetite and had been losing weight. He tried Gemzar but never completed his first cycle of 7 treatments, one weekly, as he developed blood clots in his legs and ultimately clots in his lungs.

This is not a good story and I hesitated to share it because I'm afraid it will make you more fearful and sad. I know, I've been there. When I posted and read on this board, my stomach would drop to my shoes I was so afraid for my dad but I also needed the reality of knowing what could happen and there are those here who have so much knowledge. I am hoping my story will give you encouragement and not discouragement. From what I've learned, it seems the least liver involvement with this cancer, the better and I truly believe my dad's liver was in very tough shape already before he was diagnosed and they tried treatment.

Please keep us informed with what is going on with your mother. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

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