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Neice was posted 01/25/2008 01:59 pm by Cheryl
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Welcome on board. To my way of thinking, if the gallbladder has been removed and there was no sign of cancer in the liver, that is a good thing. When my dad was diagnosed 1/3 of his liver was totally engulfed in a tumor and there were metastatic spots throughout the rest, making surgery an impossibility for him. The tech who did the biopsy of his liver remarked that he broke a needle getting the biopsy because his liver was so hard. I'm pretty sure all of my dad's side effects and problems were due to the metastatis in his liver (he died of massive pulmonary emboli only 3 months after diagnoses). He tried Gemzar but I'm not sure that did anything to help.

I would say it could take a bit to get all systems functioning again after a gallbladder removal and revision of bile ducts, but I still think you have a great positive in the fact that there was no cancer in the liver. Keep us posted and let us know how he does.

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