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Support Needed In Canada was posted 11/01/2007 08:34 pm by stefanie in Nova Scotia
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Hi Everyone. I am presently seeking support from other fellow Canadians. Canada continues to have very little support for Pancreatic Cancer and I am desperately trying to change this, through awareness and support chapters in different provinces and territories (www.craigscause.c). I am looking for individuals who may be interested in starting a provincial chapter. These chapters will be named after individuals who have had their lives effected by Pancreatic Cancer so that the society reflects the faces of Pancreatic Cancer. It may seem like a big job...........but I am like everyone else here. I just had the support of some great friends and individuals who wanted to make a change in Pancreatic Cancer Awareness. The only way this support will become National in Canada is when we can combine our efforts.

I have everything needed to start the chapters and will even fly to meet the interested individuals in thier own province.

I hope that no one here doesn't mind if I post this regularly, as I realize that some posters just drop in from time to time. Like everyone here, I realize how little awareness and funding this disease recieves, especially in Canada and I hope to find some interested individuals who are willing to combine thier efforts with me in a National Awareness compaign. Like a poster said here once, it has to start from the grassroots up.

If you know of anyone please pass this on to them. I have been very successful in Nova Scotia and know that it can be just a successful in other provinces with a little help.

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