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Gall Bladder Cancer (Adenocarc was posted 10/18/2007 12:59 pm by Kapil Sachdeva
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Dear all,

After being a mute spectator for close to six months,Now i want to contribute & as well as have an opinion.

Let me first introduce my self, i am son of a father who was detected with Gall Bladder Cancer in April'2007, Doctor during the surgery stopped the surgery in between stating that the disease was inoperable. hence referred him for chemotherapy ( Gemcetabine + Cisplatin) to restrict the growth of tumour. He has already gone through six cycles of chemotherapy (12 sittings) without any complications. Infact the disease has degressed by around 35%. But the chemotherapy are over doctors say that they cant give more chemotherapy & moreover they don't have anything further & have send him home to come for regular checkup, saying that this is best they can do. To cut short no more hopes are left.

Than i came across this webpage

Now i want a opinion from people in this discussion board as to help me as most of you are from US itself, to guide me as to the claim made there are how much effective. So that i can look further to reaching Dr. Jerome Canady.

Regards, Kapil Suchdeva From India

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