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GB cancer was posted 07/20/2007 09:10 pm by nahur
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Folks my mom had swelling on her feet which did not go away for 3-4 days so we took her to the ER she wasin the hospital for 8 days. My mom is diabetic poorly controlled for 19 years. she was on pills glnase. She is visiting me in NJ she lives in INDIA

Dr. told me she has BD cancer. they put a stent and they tell me it will help her in the short term. The CT scan shows 3.3 cm growth in the head of pancreas. When they put the stent they did brushing. Brushing results show it is not malignant

she is out of the hospital now at home what are my options ? can somebody please help they did all kinds of test X-ray mrcp etc..

the problem is she is visiting me so she does not have insurance. I talked to 2 Dr's. they in a nice way said they did not want to work with me since i dont have insurance

any suggestions ? is 3.3 cm very bad ?

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